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Plaid Cash Airdop

only on PlaidSwap
Plaid just for Promote and give everyone a chance to experience PlaidSwap $500,000 of liquidity on Plaid-BUSD Pair

About Plaid Cash

Swap Your cryptocurrency 100% anonymously using groundbreaking, non-custodial technology based on strong cryptography!
By zero knowledge proofs
No Admins
breaking the on-chain link between source and destination addresses.
We have raised 2M from the best VCs in crypto, so we have funds for the development of the platform

Plaid Swap

PlaidSwap will be open on August 5th, so please be on time to exchange your PlaidToken on PlaidSwap and try to learn how to use it(We will only add $30,000 liquidity when PlaidSwap Beta Version launch, if you are not successful, please wait for our next update. ~August 10). Make your transactions private with Plaid!🎯

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